About the Author

DeAnn Torregano was born in San Francisco, California, and grew up on the Silicon Valley peninsula in the city of East Palo Alto. She was employed by Stanford University Hospital in the Department of Human Resources Management until an unfortunate car accident ended her lengthy years of employment. She relocated to Jacksonville, Texas, in 1993 to start a new life which also yielded a totally new and unexpected vocational experience.

She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Divinity with honors in information technology and business administration in 1995 and was also conferred with a certificate of ordination as an independent minister from the International Theological University in Pasadena, California. She willingly accepted her call as an associate minister in 1997 with the New Birth Church of the Living God PGT in Jacksonville, Texas, and was licensed and ordained within that denomination in 1999 by the presiding bishop and the council of elders where she remained in faithful service for approximately fifteen years.  

In 2005, she then completed the required studies and examinations to earn a certification in pastoral counseling from the Crossroads Theological Seminary in Tupelo, Mississippi, and in that same year, earned a master of arts in divinity with honors in spiritual counseling and church administration from ITU. After graduation, she was selected to enter into the Professional Path Doctoral Program to begin work on her doctor of divinity degree. Her well-rounded educational base in divinity, her anointing from God, and a quest for further knowledge in the field of full gospel ministry lead her to be inducted in the Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah (POME) in East Elmhurst, New York, as a prophetess in February of 2007. As a student in the School of the Prophets in her new level of neophyte in the Elite 300 Company of Prophets, she was presented with a lifetime of continued education in the study of the prophetic spiritual realm.

After her return from New York in June of this same year, she received a vision which would permit her to be released from the comfort zone of the church pulpit as she had come to know it. Favor was granted to her in the form of a three-year sabbatical which would permit her the time to complete her educational pursuits, relocate to a new state where she could cultivate the mandate of her own ministry, the D.A.T. Angel of Light Ministries whose acronym stand for Dedicated, Anointed, Truth which she received a vision for in 2003. After completing the required two years as a neophyte in the Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah (POME) in 2009, she was elevated to the next level as an initiate receiving her prophet’s robe with a  red rope belt which identifies the honor designation of a temple guard.

She has now completed her first published book A Façade Becomes a Symphony which will serve as her approved dissertation for her doctor of divinity degree from the International Theological University. DeAnn now resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and continues to write in preparation for her next book, as well as exploring unity and community building in the field of ministry.